Why dōTERRA?


So why use dōTERRA oils instead of oils you can get off the shelf at your local health food store or online from another company?

The truth is, not all essential oils are created equal, and just as not all essential oil companies are created equal.






No governing body sets standards for essential oils. That means that you have no idea what’s actually in that bottle of oil you take off the shelf at the store. It could be full of toxins and fillers, and you have no idea whether it’s sourced from the mountains in France or replanted off the highway in the US!


Because of this, dōTERRA has set a new standard for essential oil purity. dōTERRA guarantees that all plants are harvested in their naturally indigenous environments. The climate, soil conditions, and altitude at which a plant is grown makes a HUGE difference in the quality and power of the essential oils sourced from it. It’s important to know where your oils come from.


dōTERRA oils are also organic and pure, and they contain no fillers, pesticides, or contaminants.


So that cheap bottle of oil on the shelf at the store? It might seem great for your pocketbook, but it’s not so great for your body.



Third Party Testing


Most essential oil companies, if they test their oils at all, do so in-house. dōTERRA, on the other hand, has third-party testing of their oils. This is important because you know that the scientists behind reporting your oils’ purity are independent from dōTERRA.


The website Source to You is dōTERRA’s way of becoming even more transparent in the quality of their oils. There’s even a section on this site where you can enter in a code from the bottom of your bottle of oil and see the report.


A Company with a Heart of Gold


When I first started learning about essential oils, dōTERRA’s high standard of quality impressed me. However, it was what I learned about the company’s heart that made me want to be more involved as a loyal customer and Wellness Advocate.


Co-Impact Sourcing


dōTERRA is dedicated to the practice of co-impact sourcing–fair and on-time wages to farmers, harvesters, and distillers. When I first heard about this, I thought it was a no-brainer. Obviously, the farmers and harvesters should be treated fairly, but as I looked into the industry as a whole, I discovered that this isn’t always the case.



Healing Hands


dōTERRA also helps people across the world with their Healing Hands Foundation. One story that brings tears to my eyes no matter how many times I hear it has to do with the vetiver sourcing in Haiti. The executives traveled to Haiti to oversee the vetiver production and discovered that the villagers had to walk more than 2 hours to the nearest source of water, so they built a pipeline for them so they could enjoy fresh, clean water right from their spigot.


Watch the full story here, but be sure you have a box of tissues nearby before you get to the 5-minute mark!



This is just one of many stories of how the Healing Hands Foundation is changing lives all over the world.


dōTERRA is also involved in Operation Underground Railroad, which is dedicated to ending human trafficking and Days for Girls, which helps teach girls about feminine hygiene.



Team Culture


Something else that drew me to dōTERRA from the start is their team culture and mindset. When you start your dōTERRA journey, you become part of a tribe of people who are ready to guide you on your path to natural wellness.


My friend Laura who introduced me to dōTERRA. She was once my camper at a church camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan! Now she's a health and wellness coach out in Colorado.
This is my friend Laura, who introduced me to dōTERRA. She was once my camper at a church camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan! Now she’s a health and wellness coach out in Colorado.

The person you get your membership from will be your personal essential oils coach. He or she is there to help answer your questions (or point you to someone who can), let you know when an amazing promo that can save you money is going on, and help get you set up for success, should you choose to share dōTERRA with others.


I love knowing that if an oil issue comes up for me that I’m not sure how to handle, I can reach out to the person who introduced me to dōTERRA, and she and her team will help me.


That’s something you certainly don’t get if you buy essential oils off the shelf at a store.


I would love to be your essential oil mentor.


When your purple dōTERRA box shows up on your doorstep, you won’t have to feel overwhelmed about where to start or how to use everything. I’ll help you get started and share some great resources with you that will empower you to be able to use these precious oils for your family’s health and wellness issues.


How to Get Oils

(*If you’ve already been working with someone else, please refer back to them about how to get your oils.*)