Summer Camp Wedding


The usual suspects all turn out for Abby’s first week of high school camp: a week full of Bible discussion groups, changing friendships, and a crazy midnight adventure. This summer, there’s something even more exciting than high school camp to look forward to…

Two of Abby’s favorite camp counselors are getting married at camp, and Abby’s not only going, she’s part of the wedding party. But there are a lot of wrinkles that threaten to spoil the perfect day: a well-meaning but scatterbrained new camp director, typical wedding snafoos, and Carin’s jealousy.

Can Abby figure out how to survive high school, keep the peace between her friends, and help pull off a perfect wedding? Or is that asking too much of even the favorite camper?


Current Status: Writing in progress.


 Check out this sneak peek from the first chapter. 


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