Subscribing to the Enemy

A March Sisters Sweet Romance 1

Subscribing to the Enemy cover

She’s a YouTube comedy sensation.

He’s a serious filmmaker.

When they’re forced to work together, what sort of sparks will fly?


Co-hosting a hilarious YouTube channel with my best friend is great and all, but winning the “Lights, Camera, Vance!” competition is what will turn my dreams of attending film school in New York into reality.

I’m soooo close to putting the final touches on the entry I’ve poured my heart and soul into when the unthinkable happens—Bratty McBratface (AKA my youngest sister) destroys my movie, leaving me with exactly one option: work on someone else’s dull-as-dirt documentary . . .

Which wouldn’t be so bad if that someone didn’t happen to be the cute-but-infuriating guy I’ve already had a run-in with at the mall.


My biggest YouTuber pet peeves? Ridiculous click-bait titles and useless content. Out-of-control bath bombs? Not my thing. Disgusting food challenges? Yuck!

I’m going to change the world with my films . . .

At least I would if I had a working camera. Now my only chance is to borrow equipment—and take (unwanted) creative input—from our local area sellout. Uh, I mean our local YouTube celebrity.

She may have gorgeous, silky hair and beautiful eyes a guy can get lost in, but she’s also the last person I’d want to be stuck working with.

So why have our arguments over everything from camera angles to music montages started to feel more like flirting than fighting?

Subscribing to the Enemy is a fun enemies-to-lovers YA sweet romance. If you like quirky characters, sweet kisses, and happily ever afters, you’ll love this first book in The March Sisters Sweet Romance series.

Grab this modern-day take on Lousia May Alcott’s classic Little Women today!

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