This week I ran a contest with my Facebook group. I asked people to post what they would buy with a dōTERRA shopping spree. The answers varied from higher priced oils to diffusers to supplements to kits.


tower of essential oil bottles


I’ll be choosing a winner (via random drawing) tonight when my kids are home to pull a name (they love doing that!) but the thing is . . . 


Everyone can be a winner in May because dōTERRA has come out with something called “Share a Drop.”


If you are interested in getting started with oils with an order of at least 100 PV (either with a membership kit, or an a la carte order), dōTERRA will give you 50 free product points that you can spend on oils! This is like getting a $50 shopping spree!


lemon essential oil

In case you aren’t familiar with dōTERRA lingo, PV stands for
Personal Volume or Product
, and it is just a number assigned to each item doTERRA offers. For the oils, this number is based on price. For example, lemon oil costs $10 for members. Therefore, its product value is 10, commonly referred to as 10 PV.


This also means that you can “buy” a bottle of lemon oil for 10 PV. You can earn PV through special promotions like Share a Drop OR by participating in the Loyalty Rewards Program (or LRP) dōTERRA offers. These programs are never required of members, but they are fantastic options to earn free products while you shop! 



For some of the non-oil items, the PV is a bit lower than the dollar value of the item. For example, the Replenishing Body Butter (a must-have in my opinion; I LOVE this stuff!) has a PV of 15, but it costs $17.50. In this case, 17.50 PV will get you the body butter free. 




Becoming a member with a 100 PV order just means that to qualify for the 50 free points your initial order total must be 100 PV or greater. Remember, the dollar value may differ slightly from the PV total, so make sure you get the PV to 100, regardless of what the dollar value of your order is. 



So what if you are already a dōTERRA member? Does that mean you miss out on getting the 50 free points? Of course not! There’s also a way for current members to benefit: 


If you know anybody who is interested in getting started with oils with a starter order of at least 100 PV, as described above, and you help them get started, they will get the 50 free product points AND YOU will also get 50 free product points! 


This is unlimited, so if you have two friends who want to become dōTERRA members, you’ll get 100 product points, 50 for each. And so on.


Now keep in mind that this is separate from the dōTERRA business! With the business, in order to qualify for commission, you need to place a 100 PV monthly order as an LRP. Then you get 20% commission on all the orders of people you introduce to dōTERRA for the first 60 days of their accounts. After that, you still earn commission on all of your customers’ orders, but that’s a discussion for a different post. 🙂 


When current members Share a Drop with others, you can choose to place this 100 PV LRP and receive commission as well as the 50 free product points per person you introduce, but if you do not want to place an LRP order of 100 PV, you don’t have to. You won’t get commission in this case, but you will still get the 50 free product points.


So you don’t even have to be doing the biz in any way, shape, or form to take advantage of this promo! 


If you want info about some of the most popular kits and the benefits of becoming a dōTERRA member (it’s like Sam’s Club or Costco only better because dōTERRA offers way more perks and free stuff), click on the link below titled “The Best Way to Get Oils.”


Feel free to share this with anybody you are working with about the oils, but make sure they know to go back to you if they decide to take advantage of the promo, get started with essential oils, and get the gift of 50 free product points.


There is a link on the page that will take you to my ordering web site, and you want your contacts to order through YOU, not me. So if you share my page, just make sure they know to use it as an informational tool about the kits and doTERRA and then have you help them order, so you will be credited with your 50 free points. 


*If you don’t know how to help someone place an order or become a dōTERRA member, please let me know, and I’ll be happy to walk you through it.*


Let’s get out there and Share a Drop! Or share many drops! This is a win-win promo! Win for your friends who are new to dōTERRA and win for you for your recommendation! 

The Best Way to Get Oils

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