Save the Craft Cabin

A legacy in jeopardy . . .


Save the Craft Cabin! Cover

Abby can’t believe the news: because of a generous donation, camp is going to get an awesome new recreation building. The problem is, the camp board of directors are planning on tearing down the old craft cabin, and with it, all of Abby’s memories of gimp, grassheads, and a special friend.


But not to worry . . . Abby, Carin, Lindsay, Rachel, Sam, and even crazy T-Camp devise a plan that will be sure to raise the funds needed to save the old building.


But when the excited campers pool the results of their plan, they’re short–way short–of the money they need, and time is running out. Now they’ll need every spare moment they have between canoeing and Bible study to come up with another bigger and better plan.


Can Abby and her friends brainstorm a successful fundraiser in time? Or will they have to say goodbye to their favorite building forever?

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