Lost Swimmer Drill


Hello, summer camp freedom!



Abby and her friends have graduated to junior high camp! They’re trading in canteen cards for real money, Nuke ’em for volleyball, and day groups for interest groups. They’ll finally get to have a camp dance and the much anticipated campers vs. counselors water balloon fight—plus new experiences that come with being an almost-teenager, like shaving in the camp shower and sharing secrets about all the changes that come in junior high. 


But the absolute best thing about junior high camp is that Abby’s dad is one of the deans—which means her mom is in charge of cabin assignments, so she’s sure to be in a cabin with her three best friends Carin, Lindsay, and Rachel. Nothing could mess up this awesome week of summer camp. . . . 


Except there IS something messing it up. Something big. Something scary involving her family that may change Abby’s life forever. 


Will camp and her friends help her get through her family’s crisis? Or will the problems at home put a damper on the summer camp fun?


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