Favorite Camper

A summer of firsts: First camp crush . . . first camp frenemies . . . first use of the camp dean’s underwear in a skit . . .


Favorite Camper



Abby Riley has always been shy, quiet, sensitive, and what her father calls “compassionate.” What she’d rather be is more like her friends—outgoing like Carin, funny like Rachel, or artistic like Lindsay. That’s just what she vows on her way to Camp Spirit—that she’ll be cool and fun and that she won’t shed a single tear all week.

But then Abby gets to camp, and her determination to change gets swallowed up by the excitement of the week when her second summer as a camper turns out to be a year of firsts…first crush (on her counselor, of course!), first grasshead craft project, first encounter with camp bullies, first use of the dean’s underwear in a skit.

How can Abby make sense of all these firsts and become the new person she wants to be when the camp buddy who helped her last year is far away in heaven?




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