Now that oils are such a big part of our life, it’s hard to believe that a little over two years ago, I didn’t know what an essential oil was—or that they even existed at all!


That’s about the time I started noticing my friend Laura (who is a health and wellness coach out in Colorado) start posting about essential oils and a company called dōTERRA. I didn’t understand what essential oils were at that time; I thought they were just perfumes or deodorizers, like wall plug-ins or those scented warmers that were popular a couple years ago. I didn’t realize they had all these fantastic health benefits, too! And I certainly didn’t believe they could help people or want to try them myself.


In fact, whenever Laura would post about oils, I’d kind of chuckle to myself, smile, and say, “There’s Laura, talking about her hippy oils again!”


Then one day she posted about her husband using an oil blend called Breathe to help minimize the effects of seasonal threats on his respiratory system. 


It was that time of year: the sun was coming out more often, the trees were budding, the flowers were blooming . . . and our little boy, who was five years old at the time, was absolutely miserable. He just wanted to play outside, but he’d end up suffering later.


little boy lying in the grass by flowers


We’d tried a lot of other solutions for his respiratory support issues, but none of them quite did the trick.


So I decided, what the heck? Let’s give “Laura’s hippy oils” a try. I figured it couldn’t hurt. So I sent Laura a message, asking her for more information. She told me a little bit about oils and about the amazing company she worked with. I ended up getting my own bottle of Breathe “respiratory blend,” which is a blend of several oils that are known for promoting feelings of clear airways and easy breathing.


The oils came, and I tried them with my son.


I have to admit that in the beginning I was a major skeptic and didn’t expect much. But to my surprise . . . THEY WORKED!!! My son found relief from his seasonal threat issues, and to this day, he’ll ask me for his Breathe Vapor Stick when he feels his issues acting up.  


Once we had that “oil win” under out belt, I started researching essential oils and discovered how versatile their uses are!


The absolute game changer happened when I discovered that I could clean with oils as well as use them in our personal products. For years, I’d stressed out about the amount of chemicals that my family was exposed to on a daily basis. They were in soaps and shampoos, air fresheners, cleaning solutions, sprayed on our fruit, and the list went on. When I’d see  a story on the news about an ingredient being banned in Canada or Europe because it was suspected to be carcinogenic, I’d check the labels on everything in our bathroom, and if I found it listed anywhere, I’d panic, sure I’d unwittingly exposed my kids to some horrible disease.


The discovery that there was a safe, effective, natural solution to the toxic products that had me so anxiety-ridden was absolutely freeing


I could use lemon or wild orange or peppermint or lavender to make my own cleaning products! All I needed were some empty glass spray bottles, some water, and vinegar, and a Pinterest recipe or two. 




That was fun for a while, but I was pretty stoked when I found out dōTERRA has an entire line of On Guard products available that offer a fragrant, natural, way to clean. I didn’t even have to spend my time searching Pinterest and experimenting with my own natural cleaning concoctions. I could just add a few drops of dōTERRA’s tried and true On Guard blend or a tablespoon of it in its cleaner concentrate form to water for an all-purpose cleaning spray that smells great, and cleanses the air and surfaces!


And the best part is that these cleaners don’t expose my family to toxins or synthetic chemicals; in fact, the opposite is true: the added bonus of using On Guard is that it helps support healthy immune function.* Now, instead of chasing my kids out of the bathroom and yelling, “Don’t breathe in here! I’m using cleaner!” I invite them in and say, “Smell this. What do you think of this blend?” when I try a new recipe. 


I LOVE that now not only do I have more solutions for my family’s health and wellness issues, but I’ve also been able to replace the majority of our chemical-laden cleaning products (good-bye to “use only in a well-ventilated area”) and several of our personal products, like soaps and shampoos (no need to worry any more whether or not our soap has ingredients so toxic they’re banned in other countries).


The more I use oils, the more convinced I become that these are nature’s solutions.


My son is now 7 and 1/2, and he just came in from outside. The trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and he’s having a great time playing outside with his sister. The other day, he asked me to put some drops of Breathe in his diffuser, and as I was putting a couple drops in, he sighed happily and said, “I’m so glad we have oils.”


Well, bud, I am, too!



And now that I have these amazing little bottles of liquid gold in my life, I would feel really selfish if I didn’t try to share them with everybody in my life!


How Can I Get Oils into MY Home? 


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