Falling for the Tutor

A March Sisters Sweet Romance 2


She dreams of wearing a crown.

He’s more pauper than prince.

Can their love story have a happy ending?


You couldn’t pay me enough to tutor my high school’s biggest goof-off. Not even the obscene amount of money (and car repairs) his grandfather’s offering me can make it enticing . . . until I find out this job takes place next door to my longtime crush.

Megan’s sweet, fun, and beautiful—basically my dream girl. I know I’m not good enough for her, but I can’t seem to stay away, especially now that my life happens next door to hers.

Is it crazy to hope that a popular cheerleader who always looks like she’s stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine could fall for a quiet, nerdy guy like me?


It’s exhausting keeping up with the in-crowd at school. I must be doing okay, though, (even shopping the thrift stores on a baby-sitting budget) since I’m on prom court and invited to my dream sorority’s Greek preview day. I’m so close to having everything I’ve always dreamed of.

In my social circle, you’re expected to look flawless, act a certain way, and, especially, date the “right” guy. But what if the smart, sweet, serious loner I’ve fallen for isn’t “prom king worthy?” Brooks definitely isn’t someone my friends would approve of, even if does treat me like a princess.

Is there a way to date him and keep up the perfect image I’ve been building for the past four years?

Falling for the Tutor is a fun social class YA sweet romance. If you like quirky characters, sweet kisses, and happily ever afters, you’ll love The March Sisters Sweet Romance series.

Grab this modern-day take on Lousia May Alcott’s classic Little Women today!

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