Wild Orange oil is one of my family’s favorite essential oils, so it’s a perfect choice to kickoff my Essential Oil Favorites series! 



Wild Orange is a very versatile oil, and its invigorating, energizing aroma is hard to resist. 


Case in point: My daughter loves the scent of Wild Orange, and even her little brother has noticed the effect is has on her mood. In fact, when she’s having a crabby afternoon, he will come up to me and whisper, “Mom, you need to get the Wild Orange in the diffuser quick!” 


One of the things I’m most passionate about as an oil educator is showing families that they can replace their toxic air fresheners, sprays, and plug-ins with a simple diffuser and some great-smelling oils. 



Try out this Citrus Slush diffuser blend. (If you’re wondering where the Wild Orange is in this blend, it’s one of the main oils in the Citrus Bliss blend!) 


One of my favorite essential oil combinations is Wild Orange and Peppermint. I’m not exactly what you’d call a morning person. Okay, maybe I’m not a morning person at all. I don’t like coffee, so for years I was hooked on soda as my source of morning caffeine. I know that stuff is not good for my body, so now whenever I need a morning pick-me-up, I turn to the powerful combo of Wild Orange and Peppermint. 


Each of these oils is uplifting and invigorating on its own, but when combined, they’re even more energizing! Sometimes, I diffuse them, but usually, I just put a drop of each in the palm of my hand, mix them together, and cup my hands near my face. Then I like to rub them on the back of my neck for a cooling, refreshing topical experience. 


Citrus oils don’t just smell great; their real power is in their cleansing properties, which make them ideal for cleaning surfaces like countertops and tables throughout the home, as well as purifying the air. I always include at least one citrus oil (usually Wild Orange!) when I make cleaning sprays.  Not only do I love having clean surfaces, but the all-purpose spray leaves behind a lovely citrus aroma. 


Another great way to use Wild Orange is to add a few drops to your drinking water for a flavorful beverage.It contains powerful antioxidants,* so by adding a drop to your water, you can get a burst of flavor and promote overall health.*


You can’t beat the versatility of Wild Orange . . . or the price. It’s a must-have add on to any oil kit or order. 



Get Wild Orange and other Essential Oils! 

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