Crushing on the Boy Next Door

A March Sisters Sweet Romance 4

He’s the boy next door.

She’s his best friend’s little sister.

Which makes love completely off limits . . . right?



My happily ever after was supposed to start with an epic prom-posal to my best friend. Her choosing someone else didn’t just break my heart—it shattered our friendship and ruined my place as an honorary member of her family.

After months of missing her, I’m attempting get back into her good graces by rescuing her younger sister from a week stuck with their cranky, old great-aunt.

This should be the easiest not-a-date ever. Even if Mya wasn’t totally off limits, I’ve had enough March sister drama.

Except nobody warned me that she’s gotten so pretty and cool . . . or that her touch now does unexpected things to me.



I’ve had a crush on my sweet, funny, super-hot neighbor for years. Too bad he’s totally out of my league. Plus, you know, the whole thing about him being my older sister’s best-friend-turned-rejected-love-interest and all.

This isn’t a real date he’s asking me on. It’s just my neighbor being nice to me because I’m stuck in a crappy situation.

But it’s okay to pretend he’s mine, just for one day, right? Especially when I catch him looking at me the way I always hoped he would.

Is he really falling for me or is he still in love with my sister?

Crushing on the Boy Next Door is a fun best friend’s little sister YA sweet romance. If you like quirky characters, sweet kisses, and happily ever afters, you’ll love The March Sisters Sweet Romance series.

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