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What if your first week of summer camp . . .

wasn’t your first week of summer camp?

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Abby Riley has ZERO nervous jitters about heading off to summer camp by herself for the first time. After all, she’s been a church camp expert since she was born! Abby’s tagged along every summer with her pastor father, who runs a week for junior-high-aged kids in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, so she’s got this camp thing down.

And THIS is the summer Abby has been waiting for, the summer she finally gets to be a “real camper” instead of just her dad’s guest. She’ll even get to take part in the campers-versus-counselors water balloon fight for the first time!

But when Abby gets to camp, she discovers that life as a “real camper” is NOTHING like hanging out at camp as a dean’s kid.

Camp is suddenly full of rules, rules, and more rules! She has to follow a strict schedule, swim only in the boring, shallow, roped-off area, and share a tiny cabin with a bunch of strangers because the counselors and campers at elementary camp are all NEW faces—none of the camp friends she already knows and loves.

And to top it off, Abby can’t even complain about camp to her best friend Carin . . . because Car’s in love with both camp and their cute, seventeen-year-old counselor.

 What Abby really wants to do, for the first time in her camp life, is pack her suitcase and go home . . . but can she really abandon all the other campers who don’t even know how terrible the week is?

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