Cabin Secrets


What’s said in the cabin stays in the cabin . . .

or does it?


Cabin Secrets coverAbby has a plan, and her best friend Carin has a plan. Abby’s plan is to finally be in a cabin with her three best camp friends: Car, Lindsay, and Rachel.


Carin’s plan is that the campers learn everything they can about boys–after all, they will soon be in sixth grade where there are . . . dances!


Abby can deal with the boy stuff as long as her cabin-request plan works out, but somebody’s family reuinion in Florida threatens to mess up not only her cabin plan but one of her favorite camper/counselor relationships.


Getting flirting lessons from lifeguard Julie and deciding which boy camper she thinks is the cutest turns out to be not as bad as she thought, but when someone she trusts blabs her boy-related secret, Abby is left wondering if elementary campers really need to learn about boys yet.


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