Buddy Check

Camp has always been Kate’s favorite place . . .


cover of Buddy Check

A place where she’s popular, has tons of friends, and finds that being a Christian is thought of as cool–a sharp contrast to the life she leads at home as a straight-A student who avoids the parties and sporting events where the ‘cool kids’ hang out. The summer between high school and college promises to be the best yet: her campers are sweethearts; she has plenty of time to spend with her best friend, boy-magnet Julie; the guy she’s had a crush on since junior high finally notices her; and her relationship with God is stronger than ever.

Everything is going great…until things at camp take some unexpected turns. Kate’s camp romance suddenly seems more interested in her nasty co-counselor, two of her best friends are fighting, and worst of all the bossy camp administrators have forced camp’s beloved manager–and Kate’s best friends on the camp staff–to resign. Then, while she is already struggling to understand God’s will where camp is concerned, her favorite camper confides in Kate that her sister has a terminal illness.

Now, the young counselor is determined to find the perfect boyfriend, solve all of camp’s problems, and talk God into changing His dismal plans for her camper-all in one summer.


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Buddy Check is the first book by Jenifer Brady.

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