The Best Way to Get Oils

There are so many oils and so many uses! Type “essential oils” into a search engine, and it’ll spit back thousands of results, which can leave you feeling unsure of which oils to start with. 


dōTERRA wants you to feel confident and at ease about starting your essential oil journey, so they’ve done the work for you—they’ve created several starter kits of various sizes. There’s one for every family’s size and budget.


Here are a couple of our most popular membership kits:

Natural Solutions Kit

Natural Solutions Kit


If you’re looking to make a total lifestyle change, the Natural Solutions Kit can help you do just that. It contains many of the popular oils and blends as well as the On Guard collection, some of the hair care products, the Deep Blue Rub lotion, a diffuser, a 1-month supply of the LLV (Lifelong Vitality) supplements (dōTERRA’s top selling product), and a beautiful wooden box to store your oils in.
The Natural Solutions Kit costs $550 and comes with 100 product credits that you can spend on future purchases.



Family Essentials Kit


Family Wellness Kit


The Family Essentials Kit costs $150 and comes with 5 ml bottles of the top ten dōTERRA oils:

Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Frankincense, Oregano, DigestZen, Breathe, Deep Blue, and On Guard.

This is a great starter/sample kit!


Home Essentials Kit

Home Essentials Kit

The Home Essentials Kit also comes with the top ten oils, but they are in the larger, 15 ml bottles. This kit also comes with the Petal diffuser (my favorite!). This kit costs $275 and is perfect for families.


AromaTouch Diffused Kit



The AromaTouch Diffused Kit costs $150 and comes with 5 ml bottles of these eight dōTERRA oils:


Balance, Lavender, Melaleuca, On Guard, AromaTouch, Deep Blue, Wild Orange, Peppermint. 



This kit also comes with a Petal Diffuser. This is my favorite diffuser! It is small, portable, and very quiet–so perfect for both sleeping and working situations. It has an optional glow light that my kids love to use as their nightlights. 






There are several other kits, so if you’re looking for something different, contact me, and I can tell you about the other options.


What else comes with a membership?


  • 25% discount on all products for a year
  • No monthly autoship or volume requirements—you shop when you want for what you want
  • Myself as your personal oils coach and access to my private Facebook group
  • Team Support & Education
  • dōTERRA learning website/blog with ideas, recipes, science
  • Additional savings with participation of optional programs (LRP and shipping)
  • Quarterly Living Magazine full of blends, ideas, and info
  • Opt-in Share Program (earn free products!)
  • Option to supplement or replace your income with an amazing business


dōTERRA members get a 25% off retail pricing AND access to optional additional programs in which you can earn free oils and products! This has made a HUGE difference in the amount of essential oils my family has been able to get.


As a member, you don’t have to host events or earn commission. You can if you choose to, but it is NOT a requirement of account holders.


In fact, around 85% of people who have a dōTERRA account just do so to shop at the 25% off discount!


If you aren’t interested in a kit yet but still want to get started, you can become a wholesale member and purchase oils a la carte. Being a wholesale member at dōTERRA is like having a Sam’s Club or Costco membership. It costs $35 for the first year, and you then get to shop at wholesale prices. *This membership fee is waved if you purchase a kit like the ones described above.*

Are You Ready to Get Started?


~ The absolute BEST way to get started is with a FREE wellness consult. ~


Contact me, and I’ll listen to your wellness concerns and help you get the oils that will best support you and your family for the best price. I’ll also let you know if there are any money-saving promos going on that you can take advantage of.


Or, if you feel confident that you know what you would like, click here  and you can get your oils ordered in minutes. *To begin, click on the “Join and Save” tab at the top of the website.* (The “Shop” tab only lets you purchase retail, and nobody wants to pay 25% MORE for their oils, right?) 


*IMPORTANT:* My ID number and name should appear in the “Enroller” space when you are signing up. If they do not, please enter the number 1783312. Then send me a message so we can connect and I can add you to my private Facebook group. 


Your oils will be delivered right to your door in about 5 days. 


If you run into any snags in the ordering process, please refer to my video on how to get your dōTERRA oils: 





dōTERRA has changed my family’s life.


I’m excited to guide you in your own oil journey. 






I have my oils! How do I use them?