Are you a teacher or teacher’s aide, a retired teacher, or a teacher’s spouse?


If so, you qualify for my dōTERRA Educator Summer Special!     


You are capable of amazing things


Let’s sit back and relax this summer with a few friends and we’ll chat about oils for your classroom and home over raspberry limeades and wild tropical smoothies.


Your friends and family will discover how to replace toxic chemicals in their homes with natural solutions for their loved ones, while you and your coworkers will leave empowered with new ideas for typical classroom issues, such as: 


safer classroom cleaning . . .



immunity boosters . . . 




support for focus and attention . . . 



and stress busters.



Teachers are some of the hardest working people I know! So let’s shower you with gifts:


  • Just for coordinating a date and time with me, you’ll receive a keychain and 8 empty sample vials so you can take your favorite oils on the go.


  • Compile a guest list and contact info for me, and you’ll also get a 5 ml bottle of Wild Orange and Peppermint! This is the absolute best combo for those days when it feels like there isn’t enough coffee in the world to get you to the final bell.



And that’s all before our get-together starts!


  • You’ll also receive 20% commission and/or 10% back in hostess rewards to spend on dōTERRA products. That’s FREE oils for your home and classroom AND extra spending cash for the summer! What teacher couldn’t use both of these this time of year? 😊


  • Get-togethers with 6 or more qualified guests* earn you a FREE travel diffuser and a 5 ml On Guard and any get-togethers booked at yours earn you an additional free gift from me!


School’s out! This June do something for yourself! Give yourself (and your friends) the gift of nature’s solutions. 


Contact me to get the date and time you want. 


*Qualified guests = over 18 and do not already have a dōTERRA membership.

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