My friend Amanda is amazing! She is a mom of four, volunteer extraordinaire, and an amazing seamstress. She’s also become an essential oil enthusiast this past year and has learned many tricks as to how to make an oil bottle stretch.


In this guest post, she shares how she made this super cute aromatherapy stuffed lamb for her daughter, Jenesis.


Take it away, Amanda. . . .




A friend of mine who has a son with difficulties focusing and dealing with emotions recommend a website for ordering “tools” that can be used as coping mechanisms. Things like fidget spinners, “chewelry”, etc. They have these small stuffed animals that are scented with essential oils and are meant for these bad mornings. The child cuddles the animal on the bus ride to school and is hopefully calmed down and ready for the day by the time they get there.



Awesome idea, but . . . I’m a seamstress. I know how much it costs to make a stuffed animal and I don’t want to pay their almost $40 (plus shipping) price tag.


rice in a bowl


Half a cup of plain white rice (uncooked) soaking in 9 drops lavender and 3 drops peppermint.


I’m going to let that rice absorb the oils for a few hours, and then this ONE DOLLAR sheep from a dollar store (that has been lying untouched at the bottom of the toy box for who knows how long) is going to have a “stuffing transplant.”


stuffed lamb


This first step is unnecessary, but the Cricut and heat press were already set up and I had plenty of scrap pieces of heat transfer vinyl.




Sheep abuse!!! Into the heat press it went.




Now if she leaves it on the bus, they will know who it belongs to.


Plus everything is better with GLITTER!



Two seconds with the seams ripper was all it took to literally rip this sheep a new one! 😂😂😂



And now it’s pooping butt fluff all over my sewing table. Reserve butt fluff in case you need more stuffing.



Now for a lovely scented rice enema. 


(This is where it took me a while to continue with my instructions. I ended up making a second batch of rice because the lamb was a lot bigger than I thought. Then I had to let the second batch soak.)
I transferred the sheep to my sewing table, which was now an operating table. Here I’m using reserved fluff to soak up any oils left in the bowl.
Waste not, want not.
I used the oiled fluff to make a plug, preventing the rice from escaping.
Finally, I hand stitched it shut using several rows of small, tight stitches. You can’t even tell they’re there after you fluff the fur back up. I plan to let this sheep “marinade” for a few days on the top of the fridge before letting her use it. It smells very strong right now, but past experience tells me it will fade to a nice light scent that will last for a long time.
Finished product! 
People think that essential oils are expensive, but if you use them correctly, you can actually SAVE tons of money in the long run. $40 stuffed animal made at home for less than $2.
Plus crafts are fun so…win, win!
Thanks for sharing your fun idea with us, Amanda!
Amanda Kemp photo
 Amanda Kemp (AKA Ms. Michigan and Ms. Diamonds of America) is a mom of four, cheer coach, Relay for Life team leader, CETUSA community coordinator, and founder of Amanda’s Attic
Amanda also loves doTERRA essential oils and uses them in her beauty routines and with her family. 

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